The GOOD LYFE WELLNESS philosophy is to teach people how to live Healthy, Happy, and Successful lives. We do this teaching two core principles; Movement and Nourishment.  

Our methods are simple, realistic, and sustainable, enabling you to not only live, but THRIVE and flourish, as you reach your goals and pursue your dreams.  We teach you to live The Good Lyfe! 




This is the FIRST workout program that I have ever done that makes sense.  I am 72 and have been an athlete all my life and as a result of having so much fun in athletics I have incurred injuries and body imbalances which started to limit my athletics during the past five years.  The reasons why his workouts make sense to me are as follows:  1) the program builds strength and flexibility from the ground up, the joints.  This prevents injury and builds confidence quickly.  2) A combination of clear to understand videos and lots of input from Lennon insures that you do the exercises with  the CORRECT FORM ensuring that you won’t hurt yourself as you progress through the program.  He really coaches you individually. 3) He understands body physiology such that he tailors the exercises that are RIGHT for you where you are in fitness.  He tailors the program to fit your individual needs.  4) He has a way of explaining the principles of his program in simple and easy to understand terms. I am beginning to have flexibility in joints I haven’t had for 10 years.  I’m no longer worried about injury.  I’m stoked about living the “Good Lyfe” It f'ing works!  Thanks Lennon!

Tommy Harlan - Decreased Chronic Pain

Words aren’t the experience.... folks like you who have made the big changes and tough decisions KNOW how get there. This helps make you one of the best coaches/ trainers out there! I feel GREAT and love the programs you design for me!

David Jacobs - Lost 10 lbs and Increased Mobility

My fiancée and I have been training with Lennon for a few months.  We were looking for a trainer to help us with fitness goals and provide motivation ahead of our wedding. Lennon is knowledgable, positive, flexible with meeting place and time, and good at motivating us--all great traits for a trainer. He is great at tailoring workouts to our level so that it's never too easy and not so difficult, all the while mixing in a good variety in the workout. We always feel like we're progressing and have noticed a difference in our strength and endurance in other sports (mostly hiking and skiing through the fall/winter), as well as shorter recovery time. To top it all off, my hips and back feel much better after a day at the office! Overall, Lennon at Good Lyfe Wellness comes highly recommended.

Dylan and Josh - Toned for Their Wedding

Lennon is the best trainer I've ever had. He is enthusiastic and fun and he always pushes me further than I think I can go. He takes his responsibility as trainer and coach to the next level, always giving more than 110%, checking up on me to make sure I'm eating healthy. He makes me feel like I'm more than just a client - he actually cares about my progress. Lennon is the best trainer EVER!!

KT - Lost 35 lbs in 3 Months

I highly recommend Lennon as a personal trainer.  He brings enthusiasm, motivation and structure to our sessions.  He shows up prepared and with clear goals for each session.  He takes a global approach to personal training.   He mixes things up.  He individualizes his programs for different clients.   He feels comfortable in his role as a personal trainer.  I am proud to say that I am his oldest client at 59.  I am also a physician.  I like his common sense approach to health, diet and exercise.  Under his direction I have lost weight and gained endurance.  I have a long way to go but will stay with Lennon. 

Dr. Jim B. M.D. - Lost 12 lbs and 3% Body Fat

Lennon is a great personal trainer. He has the ability to push you to your utmost limits while still being encouraging and positive. He creates unique situations that push your body to levels you never thought were obtainable and without causing injury or harm. He is very open open-minded and is constantly trying to ensure that his trainings are meeting the needs of each individual client. I have experienced firsthand what having a great personal trainer is really like and that is why I will be a member of GOOD LYFE WELLNESS for life.

Ash D -  Lost 6% Body Fat in 3 months

GOOD LYFE WELLNESS helped me boost my workouts and motivated me to reach my fitness goals. Not only did I see physical changes, I had more energy and felt better about myself. . I highly recommend Lennon and GOOD LYFE WELLNESS!!!

Leigh Ann - Gained Muscle and Felt Better Than Ever

I've been working with Lennon on my strength and conditioning the past month with the goal of improving functional strength.  I wanted to improve my conditioning for the activities I enjoy doing every day (mountain biking, snowboarding, rock climbing).  The only thing I can say is WOW!  What a difference a month makes.  My range of motion has improved, running no longer hurts, and the climbs on my bike feel almost effortless.  His systems involving joint mobility and complex movements have made a huge difference, and have made the activities I enjoy even more enjoyable.  If you value movement, like I do, I can't recommend enough investing in yourself and giving Lennon a shot.

West - Increased Mobility, Strength, & Athletic Performance

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